Windsor Supper

Muffie and Greg invited us to Windsor Supper at their place.  Every year, on the last Friday night of January, they invite all the people who go to church that live in the Windsor/Eton area for dinner.  Adrian, Charissa and I were invited as ‘extras’ so that we could help serve drinks and get to know some more people.  It was arranged ahead of time who was to bring what – salads, mains, desserts etc.  Most people got a bit dressed up, and it was a lovely night.  We have a few nice photos, so I’ll get Adrian to put them up soon.

Yesterday I spoke to Fran for a couple of hours, then spent the afternoon doing school work.  Today we went to Sam’s place for lunch, which was lovely.  Unfortunately I had to eat and run so that I could be at the optometrist at 3.10  The annoying thing was I didn’t want to continue with the contact lenses, and they didn’t do anything, so I could have just phoned up instead.  Nevertheless we had a lovely afternoon at Sam’s place and are now just getting ready for church – we are on tea, coffee & biscuit duty tonight, which could be interesting 😛

The other thing of note this week was the piano and guitar concert at school on Thursday night.  I went with Jess, and it was a great concert.  One of the girls played her piece on piano that she composed herself.  It was a beautiful composition, and when I asked Jess if she was in Yr 12 or 13, I was extremely shocked that she was only in Yr 10.  She will go far.  The other performance that blew me away was a Yr 12 boy who played ‘Drifting’ on guitar.  It uses the guitar as percussion, as well as for its strings.  I was so impressed and wanted Adrian to hear it, so I found the original on youtube.  I kid you not, the student was this good –

Other than that, it’s just been another week, with Yr 13 parent evening on Wednesday, and Adrian has been working hard too.  It’s nice to have had a relaxing weekend, so now we are all waiting to see if the prediction for snow tonight and tomorrow will in fact be accurate.  I will let you know ….

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