With it being Australia Day on Monday, all the Aussies are enjoying a nice long weekend, whereas us crazy people who moved overseas are having the regular short weekend.  It had been a nice one though …

On Friday night we met Hilary at The Bird in Hand, another pub on the A4 (the road to school).  We had a lovely 3 course meal and it was lovely to catch up with Hilary as it had been a few weeks.

Then on Saturday we had some friends from church (and Hilary) at our place to eat Aussie food and watch Crocodile Dundee.  There wasn’t much Australian food at our local supermarket, so we just had Anzac biscuits and vegemite on sayo type crackers.  We had a great laugh watching the movie and talking about all things Australian.  Some people had other plans, but Katherine and Charissa joined us for lunch at a local pub.  It was nice to get to know them better, and we had a great day.

While out to dinner with Hilary she told us about a choir concert she and Andy were going to.  One of the other teachers at Waingels, Alison, is in the Reading Phoenix choir, so a few of them from work were going.  When I mentioned it later that night to my mate Toby (from my current school) he said he was also going coz he knows Alison too.  He said I would enjoy it, so we bought some tickets at around midnight.

The concert was part of their 40th celebration and the conductor/musical director has been in that position the whole time – he was amazing!!  Although it made me miss singing in a choir, it’s still not something I feel I can make a commitment to over here.  I’m singing more often at church now, so I’m still singing, and I love doing it – might find a choir when we move back to Australia, or leave it as one of those things that I did at the time, and move on ….

Today was a very quiet day.  I had a music meeting at church in the afternoon, where we learnt some new songs and got to know eachother a bit better.  Everyone that is part of the music from all the different services came, so it was great to be making music with so many people.  For now though, it’s off to bed early to start another week at school.

I have permission to wear my Australia shirt to school tomorrow, so I’m sure that will be a bit of fun with the other staff and students.  They already know how much I love my country, so we always have a good joke about which country is better – tomorrow is my turn to win that debate, no matter what.  Happy Australia Day everyone and see you in 10 weeks!! 🙂

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  1. Happy Australia Day from Ramingining. See if your students can pronounce that one!! For your benefit it is ram in gin ing with the gin pronounced with a hard g. Not like gin the drink. More like the g in great.

    I can send you more names to tease them with from the top end if you like. Another good one is Milikapiti pronounced like milk and cup a tea – mil a carp a tea. There are plenty more. Be a good challenge to get them to find them on Google Earth if you can find an excuse to do so. Will resend the itinerary we put together if you want to use that as well. The blog we are writing may also be useful.

    Got our Next G service up and running in the guest house so we are back on line again.

    Have a great Australia Day and thank you for the posts. It is great to hear what you are doing.
    love Paul

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