Restaurants and car spaces in England

These are two things I wanted to blog about, so decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  Firstly, the restaurants.  One day when I was working at Waingels, Hilary challenged us to not eat at the same restaurant/pub twice while we were here.  The idea was if we broke that then we would shout her and Andy to dinner one night, but if we were successful they would shout us.  She now can’t remember this conversation, which is quite funny, but we decided to try it for 1 year.  

It’s something we had already been doing anyway, coz it meant we were trying all sorts of different places – cute little towns, pubs everywhere – thought it was a great idea, and we were going so well.  We arrived on Feb 1, so we decided that we would keep it going till Feb 1 of this year, and then reward ourselves somehow.  We were doing so well until the night we went to see Australia at the cinema with Muffie and Greg.  We decided to get pizza afterwards, and the only place anywhere near there was a restaurant we had already been to.  We were tired and hungry so gave in and went to the sane place.  We then tried to work out how we could slightly change the rules to still win.  Considering we left Brisbane in January, we then thought that we had gone through all of 2008 without eating at the same place twice.  We were very excited until we discovered that the night out with Muffie and Greg was Dec 30!!  So close …. yet so far ….. Hilary and Andy, looks like we owe you dinner (even if you don’t remember making the bet).

Ok now onto my second point – car spaces.  When we first got here I commented to Adrian that the parking spaces seemed to be smaller – even with small cars, they always look tight in the spots, and it’s almost always difficult to get in and out.  So I finally did what I had been talking about doing for ages – measured them.  I got mum to measure the width of the spots down at our local shops (2.53m) and I measured ours (2.13m).  So I’m not going insane – the spots over here are significantly smaller!!

Ok well now that I’ve blogged about those 2, we can get back to some more sensible topics.  Hope you are all well, and to all my English friends reading this – move to Australia, you get more space to park your car 🙂

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