New Years Walks

Hilary, Janet and AndyIt’s taken us a while to actually write about this, but we started 2009 by getting out  into the freezing cold and going for a couple of walks through the countryside. On New Years Day we met up with Paul, Catherine, Anna and Rachel from church to go for a walk along the riverside. It was cold and cloudy so despite taking the camera we didn’t find anything photographic.  Fortunately though, the company was top rate and we had a great time keeping an eye out for the, most likely mythical, totem pole indicating Rolf Harris’ back yard on the river in Bray and largely randomly guessing which house was Michael Parkinson’s.  After the walk we all headed to The Feathers Inn and decided to have a small lunch once we saw the dessert selections.

Then on the Friday we met up with Hilary and Andy for a walk around the Wentworth PGA Championship golf course and surrounding woodlands. It was another cold and cloudy day but we were lucky enough that the sun came out just on sunset and we got some fabulous photos that we’ve posted on the site. After the walk we headed back to Hilary’s and Andy’s and all pitched in to make soup and risotto for dinner. Then we spent the night playing the new game we gave them for Christmas – it has a bunch of mini-games in it from charades to bouncing balls into cups and building things out of playdough. It’s quite similar to the game we gave to Katharine for Christmas one year, but thankfully much, much shorter.

It was really nice to get out and see the country-side a bit more again – we’ve gotten slack at doing weekend outings around the UK because we’ve both been fairly busy at work and enjoy just relaxing and not doing anything much on the weekend.  We’ll have to get back into it a lot more, especially as spring comes around again – though there’s a few months of freezing cold before then yet…

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