Exciting News

This morning I spoke to Fran for 2 hours (it had been a couple of weeks since we last spoke, so we had a lot to catch up on).  At the start of the conversation we discussed the fact that Adrian definitely wouldn’t be joining me on my trip back to Oz in April.  She then asked me to put her on speaker phone so she could speak to both of us.  This was so she could ask us if we would be Godparents for her baby!!!!  Of course we said yes, and then she also explained that she would like to put us in her Will as guardians, in the awful and unlikely event that something happens to Fran while the child is growing up.  Adrian and I were speechless – honoured – but speechless.

To be honest, we had been hoping that Fran would ask us to be Godparents, but having her officially ask has made me happier than I ever imagined it would.  I spent the rest of the day marking coursework for school, and I still have a grin from ear to ear, like a big cheshire cat 🙂  Adrian is also delighted and his contribution to this post was to say ‘yaaaaaay’.  He has built a nice relationship with Fran over the past 4 years, so this is as special for him, and we come as a package deal now 🙂

Now I am more excited than ever about coming home, but I have to shift my attention and focus to the kids at school for the next 12 weeks.  I wish I was at home to go shopping with Fran for all the baby things, but at the same time it will be special for her to share that with her parents.

Well that’s our exciting news, so thanks Fran for making the start of 2009 the best New Year ever.  Love to you, the baby, and everyone else too xoxo

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