Holiday Mischief

Before we went away, Kate and Mark (from church) had invited us for lunch at their place on Sunday.  We got there at about 12.15 and Rachel (another friend from church) met us just before 1pm so we could all have lunch together.  Kate and Mark’s daughter Ruth joined us, and we had a lovely meal.  We got talking about Christmas presents and before we knew it, there were all sorts of games out.  There were quite a few puzzle type things where you could play it yourself and keep talking.  We then played a couple of games of Blokus, and then a card game that we know as ‘Up and down the river’.  It is based on trick-taking, and we discovered that over here they don’t play with Jacks as bowers.  We thought that was funny as that’s how we were taught, and have always played like that, but they thought the same thing, as they have always played with Ace as high.  Anyway after a nice hot chocolate and fruit mince pie I got a lift with them to church at 5.30 to practice for the singing, and Adrian met me there later for the service.  We had a lovely day getting to know them better – we should do this sort of thing more often.

Monday night we went to see Joseph at the Adelphi theatre in London, with Lee Mead as the lead.  It was an amazing musical – right up the top of my favourites list.  Adrian hasn’t seen Lion King, so we’ll have to go and see that, as it’s the only one that might be competition for top spot.

Yesterday I spent the day doing school work, planning for next term and doing some marking.  Then in the afternoon we met Muffie and Greg (from our homegroup) at the cinema and saw ‘Australia’ together.  It is an absolute epic movie, wonderfully written and extremely well acted.  After the movie (nearly 3 hours long) we had pizzas at a nearby restaurant. 

I miss not getting to show off my new clothes and things to people back home (mainly Mum, Katharine, Fran and Sharon) so I got Adrian to take a photo of me when I got home.  My boots aren’t particularly new anymore, but nevertheless I thought you’d appreciate the photo.


Tonight we are going to keep ourselves amused with puzzles, games and the TV.  I don’t think we’ll stay up till midnight but you never know.  Tomorrow we are going for a New Year’s walk and lunch with some friends from church, and then on Friday we are doing a walk with Hilary and Andy.  It will be nice to finally catch up with them, exchange gifts and tell them all about our trip.

It’s been nice having Adrian home this week too, so we are making the most of doing ‘nothing’ together, just pottering around.  Happy New Year to you all, and may 2009 be a good one filled with happiness and fond memories 🙂

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