Last night was our Christmas Tree party.  We got up in the morning and headed to Hilary and Andy’s place to have pancakes for breakfast.  Then we went in their car to the farm where we were going to buy our tree.  They were all wrapped up in netting, so we took the netting off a few to have a look.  We would look at a few then compare it to the original one we liked, do this process a few times, before deciding on the one we wanted to buy.  We put it through the ‘netting’ machine and then the boys rigged it up to the roof racks on Andy’s car.  After collecting Oliver from school and changing cars a few times, we then drove back to our place.  We went the back way so as to not lose any branches travelling at high speed on the motorway.

Once back at our place, we put the tree in the base, took the netting off and positioned it so its best side was facing the front.  Then Hilary and Andy left us to it.  We spent the afternoon decorating it with tinsel and lights, then rested for a while, before getting all the food organised.  As people arrived, Adrian took a photo of them putting their decoration on the tree, and we have now posted all the photos onto the blog.

We had a great night, with good company and a beautiful tree.  It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas now.  Thanks to everyone who came – it was great to catch up with you all.  It will be nice each year to decorate our tree and think of all the memories and stories associated with each piece. 

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  1. Great photos guys. I had trouble seeing the herbs we left growing on the window sill just behind the Christmas tree!!!! I think I know their fate.
    We are in Darwin getting started on our next little job up here. Staying with friends who lost their son in Ireland a couple of years ago in a holiday accident. It is both sad and beautiful at the same time. sad because of the loss but beautiful because of the enormous caring between the four remaining family members. There is no taking for granted here – every time together is valued and precious.
    It make us grateful for the time we spent with you both in Maidenhead. Your lounge room seems so familiar – like we only walked out of it yesterday (even though the herbs will be long dead).

    Thank you for sharing that time with us and congratulations for sharing your first English Christmas with your friends and neighbours and, through your photos, with us. Have a beautiful time and may all your Christmases come one at a time slowly, delightfully and wonderfully so you might enjoy each as you are enjoying this one.
    Much love Paul

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