Holidays are here at last

I have finally made it through my first half-term, which was 8 weeks.  It has been filled with ups and downs, and although I’m really glad it’s holiday time for a week, I’m looking forward to getting stuck back into it next half-term.  

The last couple of days have been particularly good.  Last night Adrian and I went to the Strings Concert at school.  I had told my tutor group that if they were ever in anything musical or otherwise, that I would come and support them if I was free.  One of my students asked if I really meant that, and when I said ‘yes of course I do’ he replied by saying ‘awesome, will you come and watch me play then?’.  Not only was he the first violin ofr the group performances, he did 2 solos throughout the night on his accordian!!  He was really really good at it too.  Sitting in the audience watching him, I felt like a proud mum – I couldn’t get the huge smile off my face …. that was the moment I remembered why I became a teacher.  He introduced me to his mum, and even let me take a photo of him.  We are thinking of singing a duet for the Christmas Carols Service later in the year, but will see what happens.  I will keep you posted.

Today was a great day too, not just because it was the last day.  I had a great lesson with my Yr 12 group, incorporating all the things Lisa had told me to improve, so I was really happy at how well it went.  Then this afternoon I had my Yr 11 group, who I have had a few problems with, as they really liked their previous teacher.  At the end of the lesson I introduced them to Ashley (who is on the Graduate Teacher Program) and explained that he would be taking 4 of their 5 classes each fortnight for the next half-term.  When he was out of hearing range, a whole group of them told me how much they wish they could have me instead, that they didn’t want me to go etc.  When they were leaving some of the more difficult ones (that I always seem to be nagging) made the same comments.  Maggie (who had been watching my lesson) commented that they obviously have a lot of respect for me, and I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all.  They didn’t have to say anything, and the fact that they did meant a lot more than I think even they realise.  Knowing that I had gotten through to them, and broken the barrier that was first there made the past 8 weeks all worthwhile.

So on that happy note I left school excited about going to Ireland tomorrow, and looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.  We may or may not be able to blog in Ireland, but will definitely tell you all about our adventures as soon as we can.  Love you all … 23 weeks till my trip home 🙂

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