My Busy Week

Last week turned out to be rather hectic.  On Tuesday night Adrian and I went to dinner with the ‘20s and 30’s’ form church, which was a great night.  We had a nice meal, got to know some new people and had a great laugh.

Then on Wednesday school finished at 1pm so that the staff could get ready for Open Evening.  Lisa and I got everything sorted for our display (which wasn’t in our room) and then called it a day.  We met back at school at 6.40 and already there were parents there, even though it wasn’t supposed to start until 7pm.  Quite frankly I think that’s rude – parents think us teachers have no life!  As the Open Evening is mainly for parents looking to bring their children to our school starting in Yr 7, they were not particularly interested in Business Studies, as you don’t start that until Yr 10.  This meant it was fairly quiet for us, so I was able to go for a wander around the school.  It was great getting to see the different areas of the school (some of which I had managed to not see yet) and talk to the other staff.  It was also nice to see the Yr 11 students giving tours to the parents, as well as other students helping in particular subject areas.  It was nice to interact with some of the students I teach in a very different setting.  Overall it was a very successful evening which finished at about 9.15pm

At the end of the week I had a meeting with Lisa to talk about my progress so far.  We set some targets for me, and she is going to organise a series of lesson observations, mainly to help with strategies for dealing with lower ability students.

Then on Saturday I met about 40 ladies at church, and we all headed off in a coach to the Women’s Convention.  There were 2 main seminars, and then we could choose in advance which morning and afternoon sessions we would like to attend.  The choices were limited by the time I was asked, so I ended up going to the main ones, which were fantastic.  We had a great day together, but it was very long – we met at 7.15am and got back at 7.30pm!

Sunday I spent the day catching up on school work, and then we went to church.  With another big week ahead, particularly for Adrian, who is in Berlin at the moment, we headed straight home after church.

The weather has been rubbish over here, and the bug that has been going around school has finally found me, so I know have an awful cold and a headache that just won’t go away.  Today was actually a good day at school – all my classes worked really well, even the little one that is usual quite difficult to manage.  Some of the students were out at college, and although they are not necessarily ‘bad’ kids, they just interact badly with the rest of the group.  I was able to get them working, then spend some time helping and getting to know the students on a more personal level.  Then they did some more work for me, and I then let them play the business studies games online.  Building relationships with the students is so crucial, but is easier said than done …..

Hopefully the rest of the week will be quiet.  We have activities day on Friday, and I am supposed to be going with the Yr 8s to Warwick Castle, but I’m not sure if I’ll be well enough – watch this space.  I had a look at flights the other day, and it looks like I will be leaving here on Friday 3 April after school, and arriving in Brisbane on the Sunday morning.  I haven’t actually booked any flights yet, but once I do I will be sure to let you all know.  What we have booked is our trip to Ireland – we are catching the ferry (so that we can have our car) from Fishguard to Rosslare.

Ok well I’m going to have a nice warm shower, and sit in front of the TV for a while.  I look forward to hearing from you all soon.  Miss you heaps xoxo

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