Doing What I Love

Well this weekend has been quiet, but a good one.  On Saturday I talked to Fran for ages, which made me feel so much better … we are so lucky that technology enables us to talk to each other so easily.  Then I was able to speak to Mum, Dad, Katharine and Steve in one phone call, since Mum and Dad are visiting them in Cairns at the moment.  It was nice to catch up with them, and I also spoke to Lisa today, who is back in Brisbane looking after Meika.  She was telling me some of the things Meika was doing – sitting on her lap during the evening and then snuggling under the doona with her at night, sitting on the one piece of paper she was trying to read, licking her perfume off her arm – all the things we love about our gorgeous cat 🙂

After the phone calls, we did the groceries, had lunch and watched a few downloaded shows.  Then we went to a 5pm (which I guess counts as the matinee) showing of Flashdance.  I don’t think I’d even seen the movie, but it was brilliant – lots of singing and dancing, and really powerful.

Then today I spent the day doing some school work, planning for the next few weeks. Adrian dropped me off at church at 5.30 to practice with the band, coz I sang at the service.  The band varies each week, but this week there was piano, keyboard, 2 flutes (mother and daughter, which is soooo cute), bass guitat, acoustic guitar, drums and myself and Kate singing.  It was so great to get back into doing what I love – I haven’t sung properly like that since I was in Australia, which makes it over 9 months now, and I had really missed it!  Everyone is looking forward to Adrian buying a new saxophone, so that he can join the band too.  I will probably sing when Kate is organising, which I think is every second week or so.  I don’t mind, I’m just thrilled to be singing again.  It was great after the service to have so many people come up and tell me they loved seeing me up there – really makes me feel part of ‘the family’.

There is a dinner for 20s and 30s on Tuesday night, and I hadn’t really thought twice about it, but one of our friends said we should go, so we decided it would be a nice way of getting to know a few more people.  So with that on Tuesday, home group on Wednesday, Jeans for Genes day on Friday, and the Women’s Convention on Saturday, it’s shaping up to be a busy week.  I will tell you all about it next weekend.  Until then, lots of love to you all xoxo

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