This week has been full of ups and downs.  I won’t go into the downs, but the ups were that I had a lovely time catching up with Hilary over a nice hot chocolate, and I got my hair cut today 🙂  I have uploaded some photos of the new do, but as I said last time, it’s hard to get the right angle, so it never looks quite right.  Some of you will be shocked to discover that I have a fringe – I think the last time I had a fringe was in Yr 7, which would make me 12 years old!!  Needless to say, I was a little nervous, but Rhi said it would look nice, so I just had to trust my new hairdresser.  Rhi you were right – I really like it … thanks.

Well tomorrow is Friday, which means we’re halfway through this first half-term.  Adrian and I are seeing Flashdance on Sat night, and I am singing at church on Sunday night.  Other than that, we have no plans yet.  Lots of love to you all, and please send me an email when you get a chance – I haven’t heard from some of you in ages xoxo 

2 Replies to “New Hairdo”

  1. Hey guys,

    Been a while since I left a message but I do read all your entries. Love the new hairdo Janet. Especially love the last photo. You guys look so happy. Glad you are continuing to have fun over there.

    Brett & Helen

  2. Beat me tom the comment about the last photo Brett. The hairdo is good but the last photo is great. I like the fringe and like the happy smile even more. Have a great weekend. This is coming to you from lovely downtown Nauru. Got in at 4.15 this morning & I could not get to sleep on the plane so I am ready for a big nap.

    Lot of interesting work to do here in 1 week so will have to get on with it.

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