Fellow Aussie

This morning I had my Yr 13 Applied group in the 6th form area.  They were working on computers so I jumped on a computer as well.  I made a comment to some girls near me, and one of them straight away recognised my accent.  She was so excited when I told her I was from Brisbane, as that’s where she’s from as well.  Of course, we then quickly told each other what suburb we live in, and she was from Carina, which is right next to Camp Hill (where I’m from).  We were so excited!!  There are quite a few Australians around (although, not at schools coz they’re generally over here to work and travel like we are) and it is quite rare to find someone who even knows where Brisbane is.  The fact that we practically grew up in the exact same area is amazing – it is such a small world!  She has been over here for 6 years now, and mostly still has her Aussie accent, so there’s hope for me yet 🙂

Yesterday was a shocker – I had one really bad class, and the others weren’t as good as they normally are either.  I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy.  I went to Slough (purely for the choice of shops, not the area) and bought black trousers, grey trousers and a black and pink striped blouse for work, as well as a pink Adidas ‘hoody’ jumper – the lovely fleecy, warm, snuggly type.  Then this afternoon I went to the shops in Maidenhead and bought a nice new cream coat with brown buttons and a pair of cream flat shoes with a bow on the end.

It has been a big week with meetings, excursions and school photos, so I will be glad to have a quiet weekend …. ring some people and catch up on my reading :) 

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