Buckingham Palace

This weekend was fairly relaxing, with a bit of sightseeing thrown in for good measure.  On Friday night we went out for dinner with Hilary, Andy and Ollie.  We went to the George and Dragon near school, and it was gorgeous – the food was lovely and the atmosphere in the eating part of the pub is very nice.  Of course the company was excellent too, so we had a nice night.

On Saturday we spent the day doing groceries, washing, other bits and pieces of shopping, reading, watching tv and just generally relaxing.  Then yesterday (Sunday) we headed into the city to look at the State Rooms in Buckingham Palace.  They open the State Rooms, Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews for a few months over summer while the Queen is at Balmoral Castle.  They had the Ballroom set for a full state banquet, which was just amazing.  Listening to the audioguide telling us the amount of detail they go to, including measuring between the plates, cutlery, glasses etc at each table setting.  This is how they ensure they are exactly right, so that when you look down the table, everything is perfect – although I would expect nothing less for the Queen.

After we’d spent about 2 hours in there, including a quick walk along the South side of her gardens, where we saw the most gorgeous little squirrel (photos to come), we made our way back to the tube and then the train home.  Once home we had a shower, watched some tv, and then headed off to church.  After the service was the evening meal (2nd Sunday of every month), which was lasagne and salad.  It was nice to sit down and catch up with some of our friends over a meal.  Home group starts up again on Wednesday, so that will be good too.

Adrian is off to Edinburgh tomorrow, and then back late Wednesday night.  Nothing much is happening for me, just the usual school stuff.  Hope everyone had a good week last week, and look forward to talking to you soon.  Lots of love from us both xoxo

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