More on my Birthday

Last night Adrian and I met at Hilary and Andy’s place at 5pm.  Soon after 5.30 we all went in their car to the theatre, dropping Oliver off at his swimming competition first.  We got to the theatre about an hour early, so found a table and had a drink while we waited.  We found our seats, then Maggie and Colin arrived, and the show started.  At interval we had ice cream, and then headed back in for the second half.  The show was great – some of the actors/singers were amazing!

After the show, we went back to Hilary and Andy’s and had a tea/hot chocolate and chatted for a while longer.  We finally decided at about midnight that we should probably call it a night, although we could have stayed all night and morning talking (doesn’t sound like me, does it :P)  

This morning I spoke to Dad for Father’s Day, had lunch and then did a few hours of school work.  I am now 4 weeks ahead with my planning for most of the classes.  I just have a few powerpoint presentations and worksheets to create, but will get those done during my spares this week.

This afternoon I finished reading Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerney – a great book.  I would have to say it was one of the best, if not the best, book I have read.  Now I am going to start reading a book Hilary has leant me.  Then I think I will venture out into a different style for a change.

Ok well that’s it from me.  I have posted some piccies of the presents I got, and will let you know how this week at school goes.  Love you all lots and lots xoxo

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