1 week down, 39 to go

Yes you read it right, I have survived my first week at my new permanent full-time job!  Monday and Tuesday were inset days just for the staff, which was a great opportunity to get to know who’s who at the school, and sort all sorts of little things out.  Wednesday they staggered the arrival of students, so I was free until 11am, when I got to meet my Yr 9 tutor group.  We had assembly, and then we had some time together talking about timetables and stuff.  At first I didn’t want to have a tutor group as it meant more responsibility, and even more things that I needed to know, but now I’m happy to have them.  I have a nice group and it will be good to have a class on a pastoral level, rather than teaching them and expecting work out of them.

On Wednesday afternoon I had my first class, which was a Yr 7 PSE (personal and social education) class.  Each lesson has been written for me, so I just have to deliver it, which is great.  The first lesson was just talking about concerns and fears of first day of school, as well as trying to focus on the positive elements too.  Then on Thursday and Friday we had full teaching days, and I met all my classes, bar one.  I spoke to them about expectations and we played some getting to know you activities.  Then on Friday I had a couple of classes for the second time, so I got to get stuck into some actual teaching, which was nice.

Overall I am feeling really confident about teaching at Piggott – all the staff are very friendly, and my HOD Lisa is just great.  Everyone is happy for me to ask questions, and I’m slowly getting to know people, including the young music teacher Jess.  I told her I was happy to help with the school musical, especially as there are only 2 music teachers at the school.  So having survived my first week, I’m ready and raring to go with the rest of the term.

Well as most of you know it was my birthday yesterday (Friday) and I had a lovely day.  I opened my presents in the morning, then headed to school.  Mum and Dad, and Adrian had organised flowers to be delivered to school.  This seemed to serve 2 purposes – I was one very happy girl, and everyone at school then knew it was my birthday.  Straight away the Head of Yr 9, Lisa (yes both people I report to are called Lisa) started organising a few of us to go to the pub after school.  That’s just what we did – went to the George and Dragon for a few drinks, which turned out to be heaps of fun.  Then I had a quick chat to Hilary on the phone to swap noted about our first weeks, and then Adrian took me to a lovely Italian restaurant called Mama Mia.

We are just about to have Mum’s/Adrian’s lasagne for lunch, and then tonight we are going to see Westside Story with Hilary and Andy, and Maggie and Colin.  I am really looking forward to it, so will let you know how it is.  I will also post some pictures of presents, flowers etc when I get a chance.  Lots of love to all, and thank you for all your lovely Birthday wishes – I felt very special indeed. 🙂

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