The Last Few Days

Yesterday I spent the day at Hilary’s place.  I saw their lovely photos of their holiday in Skopelos, Greece (where Mamma Mia was filmed), we went for a bike ride, and I had a hit of tennis with Oliver.  I had a lovely day and looking forward to doing it again soon.

This afternoon Adrian and I went to the doctor’s surgery, where we had appointments with the nurse.  Last week we finally got around to enquiring about registering with a doctor here.  We filled in all the paperwork, and then all we had to do was see the nurse.  She basically just took our blood pressure, height and weight, and then asked about family history, medications etc.

After we got back I spent some time adding captions to the Italy photos.  I don’t know if you will want to look at them all again, but there are captions there now, so you at least know what you’re looking at.

Tomorrow I plan to do a bit more work for school, and we’re not sure what’s happening on the weekend yet, but with school starting on Monday I don’t imagine it will be a busy one.  Hope you are all well.  We’d love to hear from you when you get a chance.

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