At long last, I finally got to go on a tour of Wimbledon – the All England Lawn Tennis Club.  The tour started at 1.30pm so we had lunch at a nearby cafe first.  We bought our tickets, which included entry into the museum as well, and had a look around the shop.  I was going to buy a nice Wimbledon t-shirt, but nothing jumped out at me.  We had a quick look at the museum, and then made our way outside for the start of the tour.

The tour took us to ‘Henman Hill’, where people sit on the grass and watch the big screen – this is included in the price you pay to have access to the outside courts, which you can only purchase on the day.  Then we went to the broadcasting building, where we saw BBC’s main room that they televise from, and the Millenium building, where the players have their restaurant, changing rooms, etc.  In there was the main interview room, where we took photos pretending we were the champions 🙂  After that we headed to Court 1 (unfortunately we couldn’t see Centre Court, as they are still in the process of building a retractable roof) which was awesome.  Our guide was very good, telling us all sorts of interesting stories along the way, and I had a great time.  

We took some photos and are about to post them on our website.  I will put captions on them too, so you know what we are doing.  Also, on a side note, some of the shots of me show my new hair cut a bit better than the other ones we posted.  After the tour had finished we spent about 30 minutes looking around the museum which provides really interesting history into the game of tennis, as well as information about players, fashion, the courts, new building work etc.

To go to Wimbledon during the actual championships you can either line up for hours to purchase tickets on the day that let you into the outside courts, or to get Centre Court, Court 1 and Court 2 tickets you apply in writing and go into a system that is basically like a lottery – you apparently have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the tickets you want.  You have between August and December to apply for the following year’s tournament so Adrian and I are going to try our luck and see what happens.  It has been my life-long dream to go to Wimbledon, so if we don’t get them this year, we can try again next year … fingers crossed 🙂

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