Yesterday Adrian and I caught the train, tube and finally a bus to Greenwich.  Unfortunately you can’t see the Cutty Sark in dry docks, as they are restoring it after a fire destroyed part of it last year.  Sorry Dad but they won’t be reopening until early 2010 ….

After finding this out, we went and had a lovely gourmet sandwich for lunch, and then headed for The Royal Observatory.  This is where they have what’s known as the ‘time museum’, which gives a very fascinating insight into the history and development of time.  Also the Prime Meridian Line runs through their building.  You can have a photo in front of a monument, with one foot in the western hemisphere and the other in the eastern hemisphere, but the queue was ridiculously long, so we just took a photo of the sign instead.

We then went to the National Maritime Museum, which is also very impressive.  They have all sorts of stuff, from interactive games and simulators for the kids, to the uniform Nelson was wearing when he was killed in battle.

Apart from the museums, the town itself is not very nice, and it was very hot (well, hot because we had jeans on) so we headed home mid afternoon.  Nevertheless we did have a nice day out 🙂

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