Summer is here … apparently

Tuesday afternoon marked the start of the summer school holidays, although the temperature is still averaging about 12 – 24 most days, which is hardly hot!  

On Friday Adrian and I went into the city, had Italian for dinner, and then saw Lord of the Rings Musical, which was fantastic.  What they did with the stage, having parts that could come up and down at different times, was very clever, and the set designs were incredible.  Before the actual show started, the hobbits came and ‘played’ in the audience, trying to catch fireflies – really got everyone in the mood.  There was an interval where everyone went out for drinks, food etc, and then there seemed to be a second interval, but no one was moving.  The lights didn’t come on, and then all of a sudden we heard lots of screaming …. the orcs (’baddies’ dressed all in black, with scary masks) had come into the audience and were scaring people.  It’s times like those where I’m so glad we paid extra to get good seats in the middle!! 🙂

On Saturday night we had Hilary and Andy over for dinner.  They came armed with a huge bunch of flowers that Hilary had picked from her garden, and another bunch that she had bought.  She also bought me a gorgeous blue necklace – the chain is made out of beads, and there is a big blue stone pendant on the end – as a ‘goodbye present’.  We had a lovely night talking, laughing and eating, and will definitely do it again soon.

On Sunday I had a lovely big sleep-in and then had to do some marking for a year 12 assignment.  On Monday at school, Gunsel came into the office where Hilary, Maggie and I were already talking, and said a few words about how nice it has been to have me working with them, they will miss me etc, and gave me a present on behalf of the whole department.  It was a lovely 3 piece hinged frame, and some very decadent ‘summer’ chocolates.  Monday was Maggie’s last day, as she has Tuesdays off, so we said goodbye to her, which just left Tuesday.

Tuesday was a very strange day with mixed emotions.  We had lessons 1 and 2 as normal – lesson 1 Hilary and I both had free, so just pottered around, and then lesson 2 we had Yr 12s.  I gave one group back their business plans that we had marked, talked to them about their results, and then let them go.  I then went into the other Yr 12 group, had some food and watched a DVD.  At the start of lesson 3 we had to take our class down to the sports hall for final assembly.  The assembly didn’t last long, the students marked off with their tutor, and that was it – the end of the school year.  The staff all gathered outside the dining hall for an end of year BBQ, and the head teacher made a few speeches for staff who were leaving.  There were quite a few staff leaving, so the ones that got speeches were those who had been there longer than 5 years.  Rosie was delighted, as she had only been there for 3 years, so was able to avoid the speech.  We said ‘goodbye’ to everyone, and I received some more lovely compliments from staff members, mainly saying how much they appreciated me just getting in there and doing what needed to be done, even though the system was foreign to me.  It was really nice to know that my efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed …

That night we met Hilary, Andy and their teenage ‘kids’ Emily and Oliver at the cinema to see Mamma Mia the movie.  It was fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves.  They leave tomorrow for Skopelos, the island in Greece where the movie was set, for their 2 week holiday – I’m so jealous!!  Hilary has been such a godsend this term – I really don’t know what I would have done without her.  I was obviously meant to go to Waingels, even if only for a term, so that we could meet.  I really believe I have made a true friend for life, and I look forward to all the mischief we will get up to in the future 🙂

So for now, it’s odd jobs around the unit, catching up with myself, and then getting ready for Italy, which I think will involve a bit of clothes shopping 😉  We won’t be taking our laptops with us on this trip, so I will have to keep a diary, and then blog when we get back.  Now that I’m free in the mornings, I am trying to ring people more, so hopefully I will be able to talk to you all soon.  Lots of love, and make the most of the cold weather, sunggling up under the doona, while you still can! lol

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