Firsts and Lasts

Last night was our homegroup social evening, where we got together for a meal.  We all met at Heather and Andy’s place in Maidenhead, and each contributed something to the meal.  Adrian and I made a cob loaf, with a dip mixture made of cheese, sour cream and sundried tomatoes.  It went over a treat, so we are going to make it again on Saturday when Hilary and Andy come over for dinner.  For main course Muffie made porkupine meatballs (meatballs with rice) in a nice tomato sauce, and Andy made thai red curry.  Both were lovely, but we made sure to keep some room for dessert.  Rachel brought the dessert – lovely big cookies, mini caramel slices, and we had pineapple for the healthy alternative.  We had a lovely night with nice food and great company, but the highlight was definitely seeing Sally and Andy (too many Andys in our social circle, although it made it easy to learn names) and their 3 week old baby Alice.  She is absolutely gorgeous and made me even more clucky than before 🙂

Today I had my last lesson with one of my Yr 12 groups, and I have really enjoyed teaching them.  They are a small group, and get on with the work, which means that we get to have a bit of fun every now and then.  They all signed a card for me, and bought me chocolates – I was very chuffed.  Today I also gave Hilary and Maggie an Australian flag teatowel, so that they have something to remember me by.  The last day isn’t until Tuesday, but a few of us in the office will be a bit emotional (mainly Rosie) so I decided to do the thank you thing today instead.  

Tomorrow night Adrian and I are going to see Lord of the Rings musical, Saturday night Hilary and Andy are coming for dinner, Tuesday is the last day of school and then we are going to see Mamma Mia the musical with Hilary and Andy.  I will blog again to let you know how the rest of our week goes.  I miss you all heaps, but am still enjoying the adventure of being over here …… but I do think about you guys all the time xoxo

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