Sports Day

Today was sports day, but it was held at Palmer Park Stadium in Reading, near school.  There are 6 houses, and only Yr 7-9 were there.  I’m in Da Vinci, but I was helping to keep an eye on Hilary’s group in Brunel (coz she has had the whole week off sick), and I ended up sitting on the edge of the Astor section with Maggie.  I felt like a bit of a traitor.  Best thing is, Da Vinci is blue – same as Wesley from high school at MBC!! Go the blue teams!!!

I somehow managed to get roped into running in the staff relay, which I wasn’t looking forward to coz the men (particularly the sports teachers) were taking it very seriously.  I got changed, and went down the front to ‘warm up’ with Debbie.  She ran first and I ran second.  Unfortunately we dropped the baton, but I made a quick recovery and was off with the speed of a cheetah … ok more like a small elephant … but I did my best and that’s all that matters.  Rav and Martin made up a bit of distance, but we still came last 🙁  Oh well we had fun, and the kids got a good laugh out of it.

Now most importantly the final score.  Brunel (Hilary’s group) came 5th, Astor (Maggie’s group) came 3rd or 4th (can’t remember), and Da Vinci came 1st – YAAAY DA VINCI!!!!

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