Weekend in Cornwall


Adrian and I woke up at 9am had breakfast, went and got the new stereo fitted, bought some new bras (which are really cheap over here) and got a few other things we needed.  We had lunch back at the unit, packed up our things and hit the road just before 1pm.  We set the GPS to Looe – I drove for 3 hours, then Adrian drove the last 1.5hrs to our gorgeous B&B called Polraen Country House Hotel.

We went into Looe itself (an old fishing village) and found a nice place on the hill for dinner, called Tom Sawyer’s Tavern by the Sea, which as the name suggests was looking out over the sea.  We went back to the B&B for another drink, and a good ol’ yarn with the owner and another English couple who were staying there.  The rooms were gorgeous with window seats and a lovely country feel – I could have stayed there for a whole week!  


For breakfast us girls had eggs benedict and the men had full English breakfast.  Then we got our stuff, paid the bill and went into Looe for a look around.  We didn’t stay long before heading off to Polperro, another fishing village.  You have to park outside and walk into town, which we did.  The harbour as lovely with lots of boats, and a small gate which leads out into the sea.  Once we’d had a walk and looked at some of the shops, we stopped in at JB’s for cornish clotted cream tea – the equivalent of devonshire tea, but with cornish clotted cream.  Not being a tea drinker, I had a milkshake, which had traditional cornish ice cream in it.  We then made our way through some very narrow laneways out onto a slightly more ‘main’ road, although still winding through the scenery, that took us to the Eden Project.

We spent 2 hours looking around, spending the majority of the time in the Biomes.  One of the biomes was rainforest plantation, which made us feel right at home with its Queensland climate.  I had to adjust my outfit – took off my pink polo that was on top of another 3/4 white polo, and rolled up my jeans into a funky pair of ‘skinny’ 3/4 jeans!  There was even a sign saying “Your journey in this biome is further 30mins.  If you are too hot, turn around and go back” lol  We met Paul and Michelle back at the entrance and headed back to the car.  This time Paul had a go at driving through the tiny lanes, this time to Gorran Haven.  Just to clarify, the tiny lanes we were driving through were the sort where only one car could fit at a time, and if another came the other way you were stuffed – someone would have to reverse back to a slightly wider section to let the other through.

Gorran Haven was another cute little fishing village, this time with a beach … although still no waves or anything looking remotely inviting.  Then we made our way to our B&B in Newlyn, on the outskirts of Penzance, called Harbour Heights Bed and Breakfast.  It took a bit of finding (even with the GPS), until we eventually found the street.  It was very small, so we sent Michelle up to find the B&B and ask where to park.  She came back to us, explaining that we had to simply drive up the street, so off we went, very slowly – all part of the adventure 🙂  We met the owner, had a look at the view and then went to a family restaurant called Newlyn Meadery.  We waited for about 30mins for a table, and then each had the largest, greasiest whole chicken I’ve ever seen!!  Paul ordered 1L of Mead – happy drink, made mainly from honey.  It was disgusting and I thought it tasted like medicine, but Paul seemed to love it.  They say this is where the word ‘honeymoon’ originated – honey being the main ingredient and moon referring to the lunar month.  The happy couple would drink Mead at their wedding and for a month afterwards, hence honeymoon.  All in all it was a bad experience – loud, strange lighting, very hot, and gross food.  We put it down to experience and called it a night.


This morning we went upstairs for breakfast.  As well as the 4 of us, there were 2 ladies, one Welsh, the other Cornish, who were good friends.  They joined us for breakfast and we had a nice chat to them for well over an hour.  

Our first stop for the day was Land’s End, the most westerly point of England.  We had a bit of a look there, and then drove to the Bedruthan Steps, near Newquay.  We even saw a real beach on the way, with nice same, waves and was even patrolled!  Considering the standard of their beaches, I’m not surprised why everyone is so obsessed with the Gold and Sunshine Coasts back home.  Anyway the Bedruthan Steps are similar to the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, and the view was spectacular.  The wind was extremely fierce, so we only stayed for about half and hour.

We then tried to find somewhere that sold Cornish Pasties, which on a Sunday afternoon proved difficult.  We stopped in at a Sainsburys instead and had some strawberries and chocolate chip cookies to tide us over.  We hit the road, and stopped at the first ‘roadhouse’ we found, which unfortunately didn’t sell pasties.  Instead, we decided we weren’t hungry anyway so grabbed a drink and a chocolate and headed for home.  We got back at about 7pm and while we had a shower, Paul and Michelle made pizzas, which we ate at about 8pm.  They were delicious home made pizzas, which Adrian and I will have to do more often.  We talked for a while, trying to solve the world’s problems, and then all sat in the lounge room with our laptops doing various things.  

We have had a lovely weekend, and will miss Paul and Michelle’s company when they fly home on Wednesday.  We do, however, have our trip to Paris this Friday to look forward to, and thinking of all the places we can go before our next visitors arrive is very exciting 🙂

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