Induction Day

Today I headed off to The Piggott School for my induction day, which was great.  We had meetings with the Head Teacher, Deputies, and then a couple of hours in our own departments.  Lisa (Head of Business) introduced me to one of the classes that I will have next year, and they seem like a nice bunch.  I don’t have my timetable, but I do know which classes I will have:
Yr 10 – 2 classes that I will teach the same content to
Yr 11 – 1 class
Yr 12 A level – 1 class
Yr 12 Applied – 1 class
Yr 13 Applied – 1 class
Although the 12 and 13 classes are shared with Lisa, we will be teaching them different units, so effectively I have all my own classes – yaaaay!! I got all sorts of stuff from Lisa, including a few textbooks, so now I can start planning for September.

I’m so excited about developing resources, hopefully some interactive technology-based, and creating get-to-know you games and activities.  I’m thinking of having blank posters so we can create ‘rules’ together, and maybe think of something unique that I can do with the students – something quirky, like you have to be holding the hacky sack to talk during a discussion …. I need to work on ideas for that 😛

Anyway I’m really looking forward to starting in September, but I have to admit I’m really going to miss the ladies from Waingels – I will definitely make sure and stay in touch with them 🙂

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