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So on Thursday after school, Hilary, Rosie and I headed off to choir again.  They have started a staff choir, which isn’t challenging for me, but a lot of fun.  There are a range of people – some who have sung in choirs like me, and others who don’t even read music.  This week we had a short rehearsal, and quickly learnt Siyahamba (We are marching in the light of God), which is a gorgeous African gospel song.  I already knew it, as Katharine has sung it at school, and we’ve done it at church once or twice.  We split into a few groups, learnt the parts, came back together to sing it a few times then went home.  I went straight from school the hairdresser, where I had my foils done and my hair cut – she basically just layered it nicely so that it sits nicely and isn’t as thick and ‘heavy’.  I’m really happy with it, but it’s ok Rhi I still miss you 🙂

On Friday after school, I went geocaching with Paul and Michelle.  For those of you who don’t know what this is (like me 3 days ago) it’s basically using a GPS and satellites to get within 10 feet of a particular location, and then searching around that area for the sneaky spot where someone has hidden a plastic container, usually containing all sorts of trinkets that you can swap.  It’s quite fun, and the best part is it normally takes you to places you wouldn’t have otherwise explored.  So we had a nice walk along the river past the rowing club, where all the fancy houses are with their private moorings.  We were out walking for close to 2 hours, so Adrian came and picked us up with the car, and we went home and had lasagne for dinner.  Michelle had made it for us on Thursday night, even though they were out for dinner.  After we all ate some kind of leftovers, we headed for Marlow to try and find somewhere for dessert.  This proved somewhat of a challenge so we ended up stopping briefly in a pub so that Paul and Michelle could try another local ale.  It quickly got too noisy and we headed home.

Yesterday we all slept in to try and let our bodies catch up with themselves, and then caught the train into the city.  We got 2 for 1 vouchers that you can use at all sorts of locations, as long as you travelled on the train, which we did.  We used the vouchers to get into the Tower of London, and I suggested that the Yeoman Warder tours were well worth it, so that’s what we did.  It lasted about an hour, and then we went our separate ways for another hour and a half, before meeting outside.  We walked along the river to the Tower Bridge, walked across it, and stopped at a cute little bar for some more local ales.  We then caught the tube to Hyde Park, had a quick look around, decided on a pub for dinner, and found some nice cosy seats to plonk our tired legs.  We had a nice meal, and topped it off with a baskin and robbins ice cream for dessert, before heading home.  We made it home at about 11pm and went straight to bed.

This morning we got up at a reasonable time and went to Stratford-upon-Avon.  We arrived at Shakespeare’s birthplace just in time to join a walk to Anne Hathaway’s cottage.  We had a look around there, then walked back and found a nice little pub for lunch.  Adrian and I had to walk back to the car to extend our ticket (was a pay and display car park) but still had a nice lunch.  Paul drove home so that Adrian and I could relax in the back.  We basically dropped the others off and then went to an afternoon tea at church for newbies.  It’s a lovely idea, and we had a nice chat to some people.  We decided not to go to church coz I think I’m coming down with a cold.  

Anyway I’m being called for dinner – Michelle has made rissoles, so I had better be good and go.  Will talk to you all soon.  Love you lots xoxo


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