Sounds of silence

This was the title of the email I got from Eenie the other day.  Yes, I’m sorry it has been so long since I last posted a blog.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to, it’s just that we’ve been busy doing things, and making the most of Paul and Michelle’s company while we have them here.

Paul and Michelle arrived on Friday, and it was great to see them.  Paul picked me up from school (Adrian sent him off with the car and the GPS) and then I went to get my hair done for the ball.  The ball was at Wentworth Golf Club ( which is a beautiful club, and is part of the PGA tour, so is very fancy.  We had predinner drinks and then found our table – we were sitting with Hilary and Andy, and 2 other couples who were also lovely.  To start off the evening we played Heads or Tails, which is a very simple but fun game to get everyone in the ‘party’ mood.  Everyone stood up and you had to either put your hands on your head or your bum.  They then flipped a coin and if it was the same as what you had done, you got to stand up, but if it was opposite you had to sit down.  The winner was the last won standing, which even with 100 people only took about 3 minutes.  They then started serving dinner – a beautiful 3 course meal, of which men and women got different entres and desserts.  In between courses they had auctions and raffles – in case I haven’t mentioned this, all the money was going to charity.  Once dessert was finished, the music started and we all hit the dance floor – even Hilary and Andy were ‘shakin their tail feather’ 🙂  

After a bit of dancing, the 4 of us went and had some photos taken by a professional photographer.  He took all sorts of photos and then his wife showed them to us, so that we could pick which ones we wanted.  They printed them on the spot, with a nice little frame around them and everything for £10 each.  We had a lot of fun taking the photos – all sorts of crazy poses, including one where I ended up on Andy’s lap! lol  I have scanned the photos, but can’t seem to get them to upload so I will ask Adrian when he gets home.

After having our photos taken, Andy and Hilary deciding they would do some gambling.  They had 2 blackjack tables and a roulette table set up, and you could buy chips with the money of course going to the charities.  We went and watched them play blackjack for a while, and then Andy gave us some chips to play Roulette.  I put my chip straight on number 5.  Andy warned me that those odds were pretty slim, but said he didn’t mind if I didn’t.  A couple of spins later, number 5 came up so I won!  It’s 35-1, so I won quite a bit.  I decided to try Mum’s lucky number, 18, and it won too!  Then a few spins later I thought I may as well try Katharine’s, 4.  The lady behind the table suggested that wasn’t such as good idea coz number 4 had already come up a few spins ago.  I explained that I knew it would come up, coz it was my sister’s lucky number, and she just smiled.  Sure enough number 4!  By this time I had quite a bit of money, and the lady said I should keep it as there was a prize for winning the most amount of ‘money’.  We found out that the prize was a bottle of wine, so decided to just keep playing (we all just kept sharing our chips).  Adrian then won a number as well, and one of the other guys playing the table couldn’t believe our luck.  On the last spin, Adrian decided to play all his money on Odds coz that was double or nothing, which he thought was a good way to end the night.  An odd number came up, so we ended up with the equivalent of £2280 – if only it was real money!!!  I was all excited when my name was called to say I’d won the prize, and Adrian said that really he’d won, but he wouldn’t have won without the chips I had won, which meant it was really Andy coz we got the first few chips from him, but it turns out Hilary paid for the chips in the first place.  So we decided that we would keep the bottle of wine coz it was our luck that had won it, but we are going to have them over for dinner to drink it 🙂

We had a wonderful night – it was nice to meet Andy and to spend some time with Hilary without talking about school 🙂  Hopefully we can do it again next year.

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