Adventures with Paul and Michelle

Since we didn’t get home till 2am from the ball, we woke up late on Saturday, but we made it into Windsor for lunch.  We ate at the Crooked House, which is crooked because it was built with unseasoned timber, and it used to have a secret passage from the basement to the kitchen of Windsor Castle.

We then had a quick look around the Castle itself, and Paul and Michelle have gone back today to look at it in detail.  By this time it was late afternoon and we walked across the bridge to Eton and wandered around the Eton College gardens, which were open as part of a program where private gardens are opened for charity.  For those of you who don’t know, Eton College is where Princes William and Harry went – the school uniform is full tails suits!  Imagine working there!!  On the way back to the car we stopped in at a cafe for takeaway hot chocolate, coffee etc.  We had a nice dinner at home, and then just mucked around on our computers and talked the night away.

On Sunday Adrian and I got up at 8, but the others were still asleep.  We figured they were jetlagged so didn’t want ot wake them.  I think they finally rose at about 11am, but we didn’t mind – we had one of those days about a week after arriving over here.  We headed off pretty much straight away and drove to Bath.  We had lunch at a nice little pub, before wandering around the Roman Baths for a couple of hours.  After we had all finished looking, we went to Sally Lunn’s and bought some of her famous buns – it is the oldest house in the city and her original kitchen is still there.  Then we went to Henley-on-Thames and had dinner at a nice little Italian restaurant (not the same one we went to last time).

On Monday Adrian went to Chicago to speak at a conference, and will be home Thursday morning.  After school I picked up Paul and Michelle and we did the groceries together.  Our cupboards and fridge are actually totally full for the first time ever!  Michelle cooked us a lovely chicken and rice meal with veggies and stuff, and after dinner we went for a walk, going through the golf course and back up a country road.

On Tuesday I came home from school to the smell of Roast Chicken cooking – yum.  After dinner we went for another walk, this time into town, and ended up stopping in at Sainsburys for a few things.  I spoke to Fran on the phone, which was great, and then to Paul and Tom on skype for a bit.

Today I managed to stay for a couple of hours after school and get all my end of year reports done, which is why I am now able to blog.  I really need to have an early night, but am going to home group, so I think the early night will have to be tomorrow.  I am really tired, but just love having Paul and Michelle here.  I had a bit of a bad week last week (thanks to the ladies at work for putting up with me) but am feeling like I am ready to tackle the world again, and anything it throws at me.

I look forward to sharing all our adventures with Paul and Michelle, and will make sure I do so more regularly from now on.  As always, lots of love to you all.  Miss you all heaps xoxo

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