Uncle Harold

On Saturday, Uncle Harold (my great uncle) passed away, aged 90.  All the family were together last November to celebrate his 90th Birthday, and he had a lovely time in Sydney for Anzac Day this year, as the the only surviving member from HMAS Sydney during WWII.

I thought I would write a quick post to let all his family know that although Adrian and I are now on the other side of the world, our thoughts and prayers are with them, especially on Wednesday for the funeral.  90 is a great innings, and I’m sure all the family have some wonderful memories.  My fondest memory of Uncle Harold was how at Katharine’s 21st and Mum’s 50th Birthday parties, he tore up the dance floor, showing up all us young ones with his dancing moves.  All our friends thought he was absolutely gorgeous, and he put a smile on everyone’s face … Below are a couple of photos from his Birthday gathering in November.





Love and best wishes to all


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