Our Week

The weather during the week was fairly miserable, with lots of rain and cloudy days, but we have had gorgeous weather over the weekend – both days have delivered beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures.

This week was just another week at work, but we have done a few noteworthy things along the way.  It was the first week back after our 1 week mid-term break, although it feels like we never left.  End of year reports are due in soon, so the next couple of weeks for me involve testing the students on the topics I have taught them, marking the tests and doing up the reports on the computer.  I must admit though, I have managed to only have 1 class to do.  Both of the Yr 12 classes I teach are shared – Hilary is doing the A level class, and Maggie the Applied class.  Both 11s I teach are shared with Maggie, and since all I did with them was revision, and I don’t know them from a bar of soap, Maggie is doing those (although I have just assumed, so shall check that with her tomorrow).  That leaves my 2 Yr 10 classes – one I teach on my own, and the other I share with Hilary, so we were going to do half each.  That was fine by me – basically meant I had 1.5 classes worth of reports to do, which is pretty good for a full-time teacher.  While I was asking Hilary something else about the reports, she told me that she had just ploughed through and done all of our shared class.  I told her that I felt awful coz we were supposed to share that, but she didn’t mind – figured it was one less thing I had to worry about – she’s such a sweety 🙂

On Wednesday night, Adrian and I went to Greg and Muffie’s place at Windsor for home group.  Home group is basically a bible study group, but it also allows you to get to know a handful of people from the church really well, and to have a network of friends looking out for each other.  We are particularly glad that we joined, as it is impossible to get to know everyone at church – this way we can establish a nice group of friends who we see regularly.  The group consists of the following people:  a slightly older couple (who refer to themselves as the grandparents) Greg and Muffie – she is from Australia and has even put koala teddy bears up her gum tree out the front; a young couple, Sally and Andy, who are expecting their first child in about a week; another young couple, Heather and Andy, who seem really nice too; Carissa, who is early 20s, who has moved over here from Australia as well, but on her own; a South African lady, whose name I have no idea how to spell but it sounds like Vileen; and Rachel, who I don’t know very well yet, but seems nice.

Then on Friday night Will, the vicar from church, came over for about an hour.  He wanted to come over and meet us properly so he could get to know us a bit better.  It’s difficult for him to talk to us at church, coz he has to keep his eye on what’s happening, and make sure he welcomes other new people, or talks to people who he knows have had a rough week etc.  It was nice to have him over though – he has offered for us to borrow his bikes anytime we want to go for a ride somewhere, which is nice.  We were thinking of buying new bikes, but might see what second-hand ones we can find.

This weekend has also been the Maidenhead Carnival, so on Saturday we went exploring.  We got up late, got ready and headed down the the Rowing Club, where they were having their 10th anniversary celebrations.  Maggie, from work, rows there and helped organise all the events.  Unfortunately the river wasn’t ‘rowable’ so they were unable to do the row-past, but we stood on the bridge and watched the balloon release, which was good.  We then walked along the river where they were setting up the equivalent of sideshow alley at the ekka – a few rides, games, food, jewellery stalls etc.  After that we drove into town and had a look at the markets and stuff, and a group of children dancing around the maypole – very clever to not get tangled.  After relaxing at home for a while, and having nice fresh sandwiches for dinner, we went down the river again for the evening entertainment.  At 8.30pm they had a concert by the Rat Pack tribute orchestra, who performed from the top deck of a river boat, The Southern Comfort.  Apparently they normally have it in the middle of the river, but the river was flowing too quickly (because of the rain) so it was moored on the opposite bank to where all the people were.  It made it a little hard to hear at times, but it was still good fun.  We met Maggie and some of her friends down there, and basically just stood up, dancing and laughing.  The evening finished with fireworks at about 10.30pm, and then we made our way home.  It was nice for Adrian to finally meet Maggie and put a face to the name, and we had a lovely night.

Today I spent the morning on the phone to a couple of people, and then we went into town for the parade.  They had several floats, a marching band, and a pipe band – I thought it was quite good for a local event.  Since it was then lunchtime, we went to a cafe and had paninis and shakes.  This cafe does all sorts of fancy shakes – Adrian had an oreo shake and I had a malteser shake …. very nice, particularly since it was quite hot in the sun during the parade.  And it’s ok Eenie, the paninis had healthy fillings, and we walked to and from the town centre 🙂

That’s all our news for this week.  Hopefully we will put some photos up soon, and then of course Paul and Michelle arrive on Friday, so we will have all sorts of adventures to blog about over the next few weeks.  We are really looking forward to them arriving – will be our first visitors that we can show around, and it will also be nice to see a familiar face.  As always, we hope you are all well, and please drop us an email every now and then so we know what you’re up to.  Lots of love

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