We’ve never really found good bread over here – we’ve found ok bread and in once case we found a loaf of bread that didn’t go stale for about 2 weeks but never anything nice and fresh. So now that we’ve sorted out the car and got some cash flow happening again I headed out and bought a £23 bread maker:

It’s normal mode takes 3 hours but fortunately it also has an ultra quick bake mode that only takes 58 minutes so we gave that a go and got our first loaf.

(Eating it was clearly higher priority than taking photos of it…)

It was beautiful to have the smell of fresh bread filling the house. We ate most of it still warm with lovely melted butter and jam. This morning I thought I’d try the normal mode to have fresh bread for lunch which also came out very well though I think I’ll go with the light crust setting in future instead of medium:

The view from the other end wasn’t so crash hot:

We’d only bought fast rising yeast which you need for the ultra fast mode, but apparently it doesn’t work so well with the normal mode. Still tasted good though and was much lighter than the first attempt. I think with normal yeast it should make the perfect loaf.

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