A day in Cardiff

Yesterday was a bank holiday so we got up reasonably early (7.30) and went for a drive to Cardiff, the capital of Wales.  It took just over 2 hours – we went the direct route, passing over a bridge from England to Wales.  Unfortunately the weather was not very good – raining, windy and cold … typical british weather.  We had a quick look around Cardiff itself, and then went to the Llandaff Cathedral, just outside Cardiff.  It was beautiful from the outside, but we were unable to go inside to enjoy more of its splendour.  Instead, we drove back through town and out to Cardiff Bay, where they have been doing up the Mermaid Quay area.  We had lunch at a ‘Bar and Kitchen’ place – Adrian had a pie and I had spicy meatballs and pasta.  Because the weather was not ideal for wandering around castles, or going exploring, we decided to head home.  We got home at about 4pm, watched some stuff on tv, had a late dinner, and then watched more of Britain’s Got Talent.  I have included a photo below so that you can get a bit of an idea what the weather was like in Cardiff.    


Today is my first official day off!  Adrian is working, so I spent the morning on the phone and the internet talking to various people, as well as doing a delicate load of washing, and some handwashing.  Then we had lunch and went to the bank to try and sort out our joint account.  I dropped Adrian back at the unit, and went and did the groceries.  I am no just pottering around on the computer, catching up with emails and stuff.  We plan to have a tomato chicken pasta bake for dinner, but right now I think I’ll go and make us each a hot chocolate.  Will keep you posted with what mischief (if any) I manage to get up to this week …  

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