My first parent teacher evening as the teacher

Today I had a great day at school with Hilary.  We both had lessons 1, 2 and 3 free, and had a nice time chatting and laughing about all sorts of stuff (in between getting some work done, of course).  Then we had our Yr 10s in lesson 4, and it went well for both of us, which is a true miracle 🙂  

Anyway after school today, starting at 4pm, was the parent teacher sessions for the Yr 10 students.  A few weeks ago, we had to put forward the names of any students we thought would benefit from having their parents come to see us.  As I only have 2 Yr 10 classes, and most of the kids are quite good, I put forward 2 names.  Both of them made appointments, so I had one at 4.00 and the next at 4.10.  It was strange being on the other side of the table, and I have to admit I was a bit nervous about it.  But it went really well.  I had made some notes during the day about what I could say to the parents, and had some constructive feedback and advice for the students themselves.  I was really proud of myself for handling it so well, and speaking well.  The parents seemed happy, and the best thing was everything I said they agreed with, saying ‘mm we’ve been hearing that from everyone’ … which was great to hear that they’re not just like that for me. 

The thing that made it easier was that both of the boys I spoke with, are nice kids, they just get easily distracted.  So I told them that I thought if they applied themselves more in class, that they could do well in the exam for my topic at the end of term.  And I made sure and told them that I not only thought they could do well, but that I wanted them to – coz it’s true.  Once you get to know the kids and build up a rapport with them, which I’ve started doing over the last couple of weeks, you actually become interested in their progress, and you become proud of the ones who really work hard and improve their marks.

Today’s lesson was really nice coz they were all working well, and some of them had finished both sheets that they’d been working through, so I was able to have a bit of a chat with them for the last few minutes – now they can see that I’m human too, and am always up for a laugh, but only when it’s appropriate.  I’m looking forward to our lesson on Friday.  It’s the last lesson of the day before we break for a week, so I decided I would play some games with them.  I looked through my book of ‘Training Games’ and have a variety of different things – quizzes, design competitions, teambuilding games – just general fun stuff, but that has a purpose.  I think I might do an ‘Australian trivia and slang’ quiz too and see who knows the most about our awesome country.  I’m just looking forward to seeing the students in a different light, and allowing them to see me in a different light too.

Anyway I think I’ve babbled on long enough now, so will leave it at that ….

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