Dinner at Mark’s

The rest of the week was fairly quiet, with the Yr 11s finishing on Thursday, which means all I have now are my 2 Yr 10 classes.  Hilary has been great this week.  We’ve had some good chats about where to visit, where to eat, and had a great laugh with Maggie bout all sorts of stuff on Friday when none of us were teaching for 4 lessons straight – I didn’t even get any covers!  Hilary has a book of ‘walks’ around the area, so she has photocopied a few pages for us – she’s so gorgeous … has really taken me under her wing.  It’s been great, coz she’s been there for me during the first few weeks, and this week I got to be there for her too.  I won’t go into the details, but she had a particularly bad lesson with a very nasty incident on Wednesday, and was really upset.  The class was even worse when they were spoken to during Friday’s lesson, so there were hugs all-round 🙂  It’s just so nice to have someone doing more than saying hi and answering my questions.

Last night we went to Mark’s (the sales guy that works for Adrian’s company over here) place for dinner.  Andrew (the CEO) is in town, so he came too.  We had a BBQ – burgers and salmon, with lemon meringue pie for dessert.  While the men were outside cooking, I got a chance to talk to Mark’s wife, Sue.  She is Canadian but has been in England for 6 years now, so is a local.  She too is really nice, so hopefully we will be seeing more of them.  After dinner, Mark showed us this awesome game to play.  They have these interesting biscuit things called Amorettis, which come in a fairly large wrapper.  You roll up the wrapper so that it forms a funnel shape, and then stand it up on the table.  You then light the wrapper and it slowly burns down towards the table.  As it gets right near the bottom, the funnel of air, and pressure and stuff (don’t have a clue about the science behind it) causes it to float up to the ceiling.  The idea is to try and get it to go all the way to the ceiling, so whoever gets closest wins.  It sounds pathetic but it’s so fun, and really interesting 🙂

This morning I went to church for a Ladie’s Breakfast.  We had breakfast and then had a lady speak to us about ‘who do you think you are’.  She spoke about the idea of different identities – mother, daughter, sister, neighbour – and how we juggle them in our lives, and what does it all mean … it was a really thought-provoking talk.  When I arrived I was looking out for Wonda, the lady who had invited me to go.  I couldn’t see her, so I sat with some other people I knew, and met some more young people who go to the evening service.  A bit later on, Wonda came over and said ‘hi I’ve been waiting at the door for you, but you must have arrived while I ducked out to get something’.  She said hi to the others I was with, and then said ‘I take it you’ve met my friend Janet’, and they all laughed saying ‘yes we’ve met Janet, but we didn’t know she was your friend’ lol  It’s really nice to have people looking out for me – I really feel like I’m starting to fit in.

Adrian and I then did the groceries at Waitrose, which we’ve finally discovered, and it’s great.  We bought some stuff for dinners during the week, and then came home and had meat, salad, coleslaw, potato salad and picnic eggs.  Picnic eggs are ‘chopped free range egg with mayonnaise encased in seasoned fresh pork sausagemeat coated in breadcrumbs.  I’ve never seen anything like it, so I’ve included a picture. 

Then after lunch we both did some stuff on the computer before heading out for a drive.  We went to a park near our place, then to Marlow and then on to Windsor.  Adrian took me to see where their office might end up, which is in a great spot.  We walked over the bridge to Eton, and went for a walk to see what Eton College looked like – this is the school where the boys where tails every day to school – very posh.  Anyway we had no idea how far away it was, so we gave up, and on the way back got some ‘pick and mix’ lollies from a little market shop thingy on the side of the road …. yum.

We have just had pie and noodly stuff, and are about to go and watch Britain’s Got Talent.  Hope everyone is having a good week, and I shall write again tomorrow (hopefully) when we get back from our adventures in Turville.  Lots of love to you all xoxo

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