On Monday afternoon I got a phone call offering me another interview, this time at The Piggott School, but not for the whole day, just a couple of hours in the morning.  So this morning, instead of going to work, I went for an interview.  Firstly, the Head of Business Studies, Lisa, took me for a tour of the school.  Then I had an informal chat with one of the Deputy Heads, who teaches Economics, and finally I had a proper interview with a panel of 3 people.  Basically they asked heaps of questions to get a feel for me as a teacher, as well as a person.  At the end of the interview, they said they weren’t sure what was happening from there, but that they could see themselves working with me ….. ‘We would like to offer you the position’ they said.  I spoke to Adrian who said to talk to Hilary and Gunsel about it at school.  Once I’d spoken to them, and thought about it myself, I decided to accept their offer.  So I rang them, and then also rang Langley Grammar School and cancelled the interview with them tomorrow.

The Piggott School is in Wargrave, Reading which is about 15 minutes from home.  The school is fairly spread out, but it means that basically each faculty has their own building, with quite good facilities.  There didn’t seem to be a wonderful prep area for Business Studies, but a lot of people seem to work in the staff room, which is really nice.  Besides, the people I will be working with are really friendly and seem supportive, and I’d much rather that than a fancy office.  Lisa, the Head of Business Studies, is the sort of lady who after meeting her for an hour, I felt like I’d known her for ages.  Also, the Headteacher is a female, and reminded me of what I will look like in 20-30 years 🙂

Anyway they are going to call me in the next few days to talk about the nitty gritties, so in the meantime Adrian and I are going out for dinner to celebrate.  Once I know any more, I will of course let you all know.  Hope you are all well, and thanks for your support, well wishes and prayers – it’s finally all come together and I now have my first full-time permanent, well-paid job – yaaaaay!!! :)

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