New Car!!

So after Adrian got back from the shops yesterday, we made a nice salad sandwich each, and took it downstairs to the nice garden area out the back.  It was lovely to get some fresh air, and enjoy the sunshine.  We then went as planned to the VW dealership, where we discovered it would take too long to get a Fox with air con, so the sales guy tapped around on the computer for ages looking for other options.  About half an hour later, we took a second hand Polo for a test drive.  It’s a black 2004 VW Polo 1.4 engine automatic with electric windows.  There are only 2 things that make it less than perfect – there is no CD player, but we can get a cheap one of those from Halfords, and its 3-door, but there is plenty of room in the back.  I sat in the back for the test drive, and although I wouldn’t go driving around for days and days with people having to sit in the back, it will do us nicely.  

The best part about it all, was that it was within our budget.  So we put a deposit on it, signed the paperwork, and headed off happy owners (nearly) of a new (second hand) car!!  Yaaaay finally we will have a car that’s ours, rather than rental cars.

After we’d finished at the car place, we went to the butcher, then came home, did some more washing, went for a walk and had a lazy night.  Then this morning Adrian spoke to his mum on the phone, and when I got up I spoke to Fran and Sharon, which was really nice – it had been way too long.  While I was on the phone to Fran Adrian did a lot of the housework, so while I was talking to Sharon I did the ironing, and then the vacuuming.  We had another nice salad sandwich for lunch, again eating it outside.  We decided to go out and do something, so we went to a place called The Lookout in Bracknell, which Hilary had told me about.  It was about 20 mins away, and is basically a huge part of the Crowne Estate that has been devoted to outdoor activities, like ropes courses, walking trails (with varying abilities and scenery) and bike tracks (again just a leisurely ride, or mountain bike tracks).  Apparently you can hire bikes, so another time we plan to go back and go for a nice bike ride.

Anyway now we are both just mucking around on the computer, before we have dinner and head off to church.  Then it’s another week at work.  I will post a blog on Wednesday night (hopefully) to let you all know how my interview was.  Until then, hope you are all well and enjoying your weather as much as we are 🙂

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