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We had an ok breakfast at the Best Western, and headed off to the Edinburgh Castle.  They were putting the stands up already for the Tattoo which isn’t until August!!  Although I’m glad to see that a lot of work goes into the preparation process – means I’m less likely to fall off when we go next year … The castle was great, so we were there for a few hours.  After we’d finished looking around, we walked back down the hill to the car, and went off in search of Carlton Hill.  We failed miserably as there were heaps of road closures due to the charity run/marathon that had been on in the morning.  So instead we made our way to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Although now raining, it was a cute little seaside English town, so we stopped for lunch.  We managed to score free parking – as we were going up to the pay and display machine, a young guy (with some of his mates and their dog) offered that we could use his ticket.  He had paid for over an hour, but only ended up being there for 15 minutes.  We thought that was very nice of him, and of course we obliged :)  We went to a local cafe, and both had a Jacket Potato with cheese in the middle, and coleslaw and salad on the side.  

Then we drove to Whitby, another seaside town – where Captain Cook was born.  They have a replica of the Endeavour, as well as the house where he was apprenticed (and also lodged in the attic).  We also drove up to the top of the cliff, where they have a monument of him, complete with a plaque given to the town by ‘The people of Australia … to commemorate the bi-centenary of the discovery of the east coast of Australia’  The other interesting thing about Whitby was the size of their seagulls – massive!!!

It was now dinner time, but neither of us were hungry, so we decided to press onto our hotel for the night – the Ramada Fairfield Manor, just outside York.  Again we managed to stay at a 4 star hotel for half price – is by far the best option on a driving trip.  Because we arrived late and were fairly tired, we had room service for dinner.  Adrian had chicken korma, and I had mediterranean vegetable risotto – fancy meals, as if we were at a fancy restaurant.  We were both impressed :)  Although the room was very nice, I didn’t sleep very well – especially after I fell out of bed!  I can’t remember the last time I did that, but I was rolling over, and obviously thought the bed was bigger than it was, coz I ended up on the floor.  It was no big deal, except that I banged my back on the corner of the bedside table, so it now hurts when I lean on that part of my back – unfortunately there is no impressive bruise though, just a red mark … Breakfast this morning was very nice, and we quickly got ourselves sorted and headed home.  We stopped in at Nottingham (Robin Hood’s territory) where we explored Nottingham Castle.  It’s not very big and therefore didn’t take too long, but we did get to see the beautiful gardens, a squirrel and a snail.

We would have been home sooner had it not been for the roadworks and accidents on the motorway, but it didn’t matter too much.  When we got home we basically just dumped our stuff, and went for a drive to look at some more car options.  Since then, we’ve unpacked, done some washing, had dinner, showered and I’ve even done some school work.

All in all it has been a great long weekend.  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and managed to see lots of interesting places.  We are both looking forward to going back to Scotland (probably with Mum and Dad next year) to see all the other places, particularly where mum was born, Loch Ness etc.  For now though, we are back to work and starting to plan our next trip – Italy for 4 or 5 days in the mid-term school break (in another 3 weeks).

Lots of love to all, and hope all is well wherever you are :) xoxo

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