A wee post from Scotland

Our room at the Kimberley Hotel was small, but gorgeous, and breakfast was also very nice.  It only cost us £70, which was half price!  After breakfast we went for a walk through town, marvelled at how green everything is, and then hit the road again.  We drove up to the Lake District, where we stopped at Windermere (Beatrix Potter country) for lunch on the lake.  

We then went over the Kirkland Pass, which consisted of very narrow and windy roads, lined with rock walls and sheep.  This took us to Brampton where we were able to go and see part of Hadrian’s Wall – the northern most border of the Roman Empire in its prime.  Adrian wanted to see it coz he thought it was kewl that they never got past that point, and also because it’s where the name Adrian originates … although I don’t think Cheryl and Paul picked it for that reason …

Once we had taken some photos of the wall (somewhat tiny), the sheep and the stunning views, we told the GPS to take us to Edinburgh.  We stoped about an hour and a half away at a big service centre off the motorway.  Adrian used it as a chance to have a big bottle of coke to keep himself awake, as well as plugging in the laptop so we had enough power to use lastminute.com again to book a place for tonight.  We are staying in the Best Western Edinburgh Capital Hotel, and I think we ended up with a free upgrade – score 🙂

Anyway after rejuvenating at the service centre, we headed off again.  I had bought some maltesers on the way home from school on Friday, and we found ourselves driving through the beautiful Scottish countryside, having a friendly debate about how to best eat a malteser – suck or crunch lol.  No sooner had we laughed at how funny that conversation had been, we looked out the window and saw a flock of pink sheep.  And I don’t just mean a pink marking to tell them apart, they were entirely pink – so now I know where my pretty pink jumper came from!!

We arrived at the hotel at about 6pm, took our bags in, and then headed into town for dinner.  We found a free park, and eventually found a nice little Italian restaurant – I know it wasn’t traditionally Scottish, but it was just what I felt like.  While we were in the city (for about an hour and a half) we saw something like 5 hen’s parties – I guess the long weekend was the best time for it.

We are now back at our hotel – I am blogging and Adrian is checking out what we should do tomorrow, to make sure we don’t miss anything exciting.  I don’t mind what we do as long as we see the Edinburgh Castle and a thistle 🙂

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