Blogging from the car!!

Yes I am blogging from the front (passenger) seat of the car.  We are on our way to Scotland 🙂  I met Adrian at the car hire place after school this afternoon, took my hire car back, and picked p another one that Adrian’s driving for the next couple of weeks.  It took us a while to get out onto the M1, but we eventually made it, and then stopped for dinner at a service centre in Newport Pagnell.  We both had an individual pizza, that was actually quite nice – not greasy or anything.  

When we got back in the car, we decided we should book somewhere to stay for the night.  Maggie (one of the business ladies at school) had suggested a place called Harrogate, so I looked it up on and found a cute little place for the night.  Just to clarify, I did so by getting out Adrian’s laptop, plugging in the mobile internet, and connecting to the internet.  So I am in the car, with it only just getting dark outside, and it’s going on 9pm.  The GPS says we will be at our destination in another 56 minutes, which is why we decided to book.

In the morning we are going to drive up via a few nice places on the coast, with the plan being to get to Edinburgh by lunchtime.  Not sure what we’re doing after that, but I’d say we’ll just play it by ear.  

Will blog again once we’ve done something else exciting, but I thought it was necessary to blog since I think I have taken ‘geekiness’ to its limit 🙂  

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