Getting Into The London Spirit

I’m off to a conference I. The city today so had to walk down to the train station since Janet gets the car at the moment. Of course real London weather has set in now so it’s drizzling rain and Janet took off with the only umbrella.

Fortunately, the rain was fairly light so with a bit of positive thinking it was “refrehing” in a my-fingers-have-frost-bite kind of way. By the time I got to the station I was wet anyway so headed on into town to buy an umbrella. Sadly nothing opens before 9am here so I had half an hour to wait for the store to open. Found a cafe and had a bad coffee while I waited.

The store clerk took one lookk at me and promptly unwrapped the umbrella for me. I explained I’d come from a multiyear drought and he seemed to understand.

On the way back to the station I learnt that while big umbrellas might be best at keeping you dry, they do present a challenge when weaving through the crowds of people. Particularly when you’re heading out of town in morning rush hour.

Oh well. I’ve made it onto the train and have dried off and warmed up so all is well. Plus I know have an umbrella so this won’t happen again.

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