Survived my first week at school

Since I last posted a blog, my sweety has arrived safely back to me.  It is so great to have him andI've discovere it's true that you can love your spouse now more than the day you married them.

Anyway, I have survived my first week at school – quite well I might add.  Although one of the classes was a little difficult, and last lesson on Friday didn't go too well, all in all the students were nice and my lessons went well.  The staff that I work with are really nice, and have been really supportive, which has made life a lot easier.  It is a little difficult coming in at the end of the year, when the students are starting to get past it, so it has meant I've had a lot of work to do.  I got a lot done on Thursday, as I only had 2 of the 4 classes I would normally do.  This is because teachers all around England went on strike.  Our school only had Year 9, 12 and 13 at school – it was very quiet, and a little weird, coz not everyone was there.

Adrian and I spent Friday night watching downloaded TV shows, and then today I spent the day doing school work while Adrian mucked around on his computer.  I breaked for lunch, and then continued working until 4pm.  We went for a walk into town, collected the frame for the present mum gave us, had a coffee and then came home again.  I then did the handwashing (Adrian did a wash and dry load, and just a wash load in the morning) and we got ready for dinner.  Also during the day Adrian booked flights for us to go to Paris for our anniversary in July.

Also this afternoon, Anne (one of the ladies I worked with at Great Marlow School) rang to see if I was still on my own.  I had emailed to see if her and Lyn would like to catch up, and she said that would be lovely.  She was going to suggest that if I was still over here without Adrian, that I could go somewhere with her next weekend, so that I wouldn't be home alone for the whole weekend (especially considering it's a long weekend).  I was really touched to think that even people I hadn't known for long liked me enough to be thinking of me.

For dinner, we decided to go to The Royal Oak, a traditional pub which Michael Parkinson owns – we made the mistake of not booking, and were quickly looking for somewhere else to eat.  I decided to take Adrian to Michael and Maggie's place, and see if there was somewhere in Bray we could have dinner, that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg.  We parked at their place (they're away in the US at the moment) and walked to a nice little pub called Hinds Head.  It was a cute little place and we had traditional English meals – cottage pie, and bangers and mash.  I showed Adrian what I knew of village, then we went for a drive around a few of the surrounding villages, before heading home for the night.

Our plan for tomorrow is to try the butcher Michael and Maggie told me about, look at cars and loans, possibly go for a drive somewhere, and probably do some more school work, before going to church in the evening.  We are going to see if we can get some cheap flights during the week to go to Ireland on the weekend, and if not, we will spend the weekend in England, going to places that are 'driveable' from our place – maybe staying at a B&B somewhere.  I will let you know if we do anything else exciting.  Lots of love to all xoxo

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