My sweety is in the taxi on his way

Adrian rang about 10 minutes ago to say that he was just at the airport about to get into the taxi – just wanted to ceck that I had some pounds to pay the driver when he gets here.

My first day at school on Monday was pretty good.  I wasn't timetabled to have any lessons, so I ended up keeping the first 2 as spares, and then had covers for lessons 3, 4 and 5.  The spares gave me the chance to make sure I knew what I was doing for each class, find textbooks and ask lots of questions.  After school we had a staff meeting which only went for about 30 minutes, and then I headed home (about a 20 minute drive).  I spent the whole afternoon and evening preparing for Tuesday, which was my first day of teaching, and it was a full 5 lessons.  

It went really well.  The Year 10 class tested me out a bit, but that is to be expected.  I really enjoy teaching the Year 12 and 13 Applied classes, as there are about 6 in each.  I am able to sit with them and talk, rather than stand out the front like I have to do with some of the other classes.  On the way home I went to the shops for some groceries, bought a folder to put all my stuff in, picked up my weights that had been delivered when I wasn't here so taken to the post office, and bought some shampoo – Katharine and Rhi, they sell Bed Head over here 🙂  By the time I got home, it was time to put dinner on, have a shower, eat my dinner and get stuck into some more prep work.  I've managed to prepare for today and tomorrow, so that this afternoon I can spend all my time with Adrian.

I was going to suggest that we go out for dinner, but he may just want a home cooked meal, so we'll see how he's feeling this afternoon.  Tomorrow should be a fairly easy day, as a lot of the teachers are going on strike.  The school has therefore told all year levels (except 9, 12 and 13) to stay home and do privcate study (yeah right – private study of the cinema!).  This means I only have 2 classes for the day, and I think a lot of them won't turn up.  

Anyway my sweety should be here soon, and I suppose I could be nice and look out for the taxi and run down with the money, so had better go and make myself look decent.  Thanks to everyone for all your support and 'chats' while Adrian was gone.  Hopefully we will still get to talk to you all lots on the weekends.  Take care and please keep us updated will all your news.  Love to all xoxo

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