Hanging in there

As Adrian said in his post, his visa has come through, so we are both very excited at the prospect of seeing eachother soon πŸ™‚  In the meantime I've been hanging in there, keeping myself busy with bits and pieces.  On Tuesday I went to Slough for some groceries that I had forgotten and I also bought a new iron – finally an iron that works.  I spent yesterday morning and this morning talking to people on both the phone and the internet, which has been great.

After talking to people yesterday I had lunch, went to the bank and organised to get our present from mum framed (she gave us a set of 3 professional photos from where we stay at the coast).  Then Paul had been up late talking to Kerry, and insisted on talking to me to check that I was ok, so we had a chat on the internet from about midnight to 1am his time!!  I feel sorry for all those people who think the in-laws are evil people – mine are great πŸ™‚  By the time I'd finished talking to Paul, I watched some tv, had dinner, watched the news and a few other things and then went to bed.  I was feeling quite good last night – like I was finally able to cope.  Maybe that answered my prayers, coz I was woken up early by an excited Adrian ringing to tell me he had a visa πŸ™‚

After talking to lots of people today, including a lovely long chat with Michelle, I decided that I couldn't be bothered making a sandwhich, so I went to a little cafe and had a toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwich.  Then I bought some things at the shop (more stuff that I'd forgotten) and headed back home.  Adrian has been nagging me to talk to the people in our unit complex, so about 5 minutes ago when I heard someone outside our door, I bit the bullet and raced out to say hi.  His name is Simon, and he was quite shocked to see me, but we had a bit of a chat, and now I know one more person.

I'm about to settle in for some Will and Grace viewing, and then I think I'll have a chicken lattice (the UK version of chicken duets) with some veggies for dinner.

It's been great talking to you all, and I just want to say thanks for all the support you've given me over the past few days – it makes me feel a lot better knowing everyone's thinking of me.  Lots of love to you all xoxo

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