Janet home alone in Maidenhead

I arrived home this morning after another long trip from Brisbane.  From Brisbane to Singapore I was sitting in a section of 3 seats, with the one next to me empty.  I watched 27 Dresses, read some of my book, and listened to music.  Because we left late, the wait in Singapore Airport was only about 2 hours, which wasn't too bad.  Then on the leg from Singapore to London I was right up the back of the plane where the 3 seats on the side turn into just 2 seats.  Although a lot of the flight was turbulent, I managed to sleep for nearly the whole flight, waking only to eat twice.  

It's now 9am and I've been home at the unit for about 2 hours now, so have unpacked, sorted all the mail, sent some emails, and just mucking around till my groceries arrive (which will be some time between 10 and 12).  The only problem is I'm here on my own.  For those of you who don't know Adrian is still in Oz waiting for his visa to come through.  I had to come back on my own coz I start at my new school next Monday.  Hopefully Adrian's visa will come through soon, and then he'll be on the next flight over to me.  In the meantime this will be a huge learning curve for me, since there is no one over here that I know.  I have my school work to keep me occupied, and the people from my agencies are great – I'm sure once I'm working the time will fly till I get to see my sweety again.

Well I think that's all from me for the time being.  Although I got a fair bit of sleep on the plane, I think I will go out somewhere this afternoon to keep myself awake, even if just for a walk in the fresh air.  Hope all is well with everyone, and that you're not missing me too much yet (although I miss everyone already).  Lots of love to all and please email me with your news xoxo

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