I got a job!!!

Today I had a call from one of my agencies telling me that I have a job for the last term of the year!  It's at Waingel College in Woodley, a suburb of Reading.  It's a co-ed secondary school and their website is http://www.waingels.wokingham.sch.uk/

So back to what we got up to on the weekend …. not much.  On Saturday we went into the city to look at the Houses of Parliament, but they weren't open – not sure if it's just a weekday thing, or maybe something was happening and therefore wasn't open to the public.  We had a pretty horrible lunch experience at a cute looking cafe – looks are definitely deceiving.  They were so busy, that they quickly sat you down, took your order, shoved it in your face, then the second you finished eating they were already removing your plate and setting the table for the next people.  The worst part was the food was crap too!  Then Adrian realised he had lost his scarf, so we had to go back to the annoying cafe, only to discover that it wasn't there.  We turned around to start walking to Westminster Abbey and saw his scarf on the side of the road – luckily it hadn't been run over or anything 🙂  By the time we got to the Abbey, it was closed as well, so we called it quits and headed home.

Yesterday we caught the train to Slough and did the groceries at Tesco Extra.  It didn't end up being too heavy, coz we only needed food to keep us going for a week till we come back to Oz.  We had an early (ish) dinner and walked down to the main part of town for the evening service at St Mary's.  It's a Church of England, but they ticked all the boxes – band, 2 singers, pretty good songs, good sermon, mixture of 'young' and 'old' people, and everyone was very friendly.  Will definitely go there again when we get back in April.  On the way to the church, I got a call telling me I'd been booked for Monday and Tuesday at Newlands Girls School in Maidenhead.  It only took about 40 minutes to get there, including walking and catching a bus, so that was pretty good.  The school itself was nice, but it wasn't a particularly friendly school.  Nonetheless it pays the bills, and besides I HAVE A JOB!!!!

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