My first lousy London day

Today was not a particularly good day, as I made 3 key mistakes, as explained below:

Key Mistake 1 – assumed that the weather had been fairly consistent all week, and therefore didn't check the weather as I do every morning before getting dressed.  This was a bad idea, as I decided that I would wear a 3/4 sleeve blouse with one of my nice vests (which wasn't really designed to keep you warm, more to look good).  I figured I wouldn't need my suit jacket and instead just decided to wear my pink trenchcoat to and from school.  Well today was one of the windiest days we've had since we arrived, and the wind was going straight through me.  This afternoon was worse, as it was raining and the wind was cutting straight through my legs (even though I had tights on under my pants) and there was nothing I could do about it.

Key Mistake 2 – didn't handle one of the classes as well as I could have.  I have to remind myself that I've only been teaching for 2 weeks, but I know I probably could have handled the second lesson of the day much better.  The students were not only being disruptive and loud, but were actually rude to me.  One girl even went so far as to suggest that with all the yelling I was doing, maybe I should 'go back to where you came from and choose a different career'!!  Short of sending half the students to the class nextdoor or outside, I wasn't sure what to do.  I tried to maintain control, and without having a full grasp of the school's behaviour management policy, did the best I could given the circumtances.  I knew it wasn't going to a be a good lesson when I got the the classroom (a few minutes late coz I had to come from the other end of the school) to hear comments like 'oh great we've got her'.  In hinesight I should have not let that group of students go in until I'd dealt with their attitude, but I was flustered about being late and at the same time realising it was the same class I'd had problems with in my frist week at the school …. oh well, I'll right that lesson off to experience ….

Key Mistake 3 – walking as quickly as I could to the train station to get out of the rain.  This was a good plan in theory, except it meant that I then had a 35 minute wait for the train.  I'm not sure what's worse – being out in the rain, or sitting at the station (under a slight bit of cover) trying to keep myself warm.  I chatted to Adrian on the internet using my iPhone which kept me occupied for a whie, then waited it out for the train.

Adrian met me at the train station with my suit jacket (it's not extremely warm, but I knew any extra clothing would help) and we went to a coffee shop to warm up.  I had a hot chocolate, and discovered that I had been missing out on one of life's great experiences.  I think it took the freezing, miserable climate in London to make me try one again and realise how nice they are – I know, shock horror lol  We then wandered around the shops for a bit, before heading to Francesco's for dinner.  I managed to have a laugh about my day, especially when I was telling Adrian how much fun I had confiscating 'toys' today – 'you really are a teacher' was Adrian's response.

We are going to spend the weekend exploring the sights in the city, and are trying out the evening service at a different church on Sunday.  I'm not sure what I'm doing next week.  I'm supposed to be having a trial day at Beechwood School, and am at Great Marlow again on Thursday, but other than that I'm playing it by ear.  I will of course update you on our adventures, and maybe even upload some more photos 🙂  Love to all xoxo

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