Earthquake rocks London

We slept through it!  Just before 1am this morning, an earthquake hit London, with a magnitude of 5.2  There are no reported injuries, or serious damage, and Adrian and I were oblivious to it all until Phil (from one of my agencies) told me about it on the phone.  Needless to say we are safe and sound.

I had the day off today, but am back at Great Marlow School again tomorrow and Friday.  Adrian went into the IBM office today to meet up with Mark (the sales/marketing guy over here), and is heading into the city for a 'Geek Dinner' (their words, not mine) about something technical.  It's at a famous pub in London and doesn't start until 7.30pm, so I imagine he will be out quite late, leaving me at home alone for the first time in our unit.  I'm sure I'll survive – dinner, book, shower, TV, book, bed.

Lots of love to you all, and looking forward to seeing you soon – 12 sleeps Fran!

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