Back to Windsor, then back to school

On Saturday, Adrian and I went back to Windsor, to take in all the parts of the castle that we didn't get time for the first visit.  We have unlimited return for a year (which was no extra cost) so worked out really well.  We basically spent a couple of hours marvelling in the beauty of St George's Chapel.  The detail in the building and carvings is just amazing, and the choir stalls are just something else.  It was also a strange feeling to see where the Queen Mother and King George VI are buried.  It's really something you can't explain – you simply need to go there and take in everything in your own time.

After a quick photo with the guard on duty, we headed back to our unit to have dinner and settle in for the night.  Then on Sunday morning we went to church again.  We're not entirely happy with the church, coz the music is fairly ordinary, so we are going to try a different church next weekend.  We decided after church, to buy a few things (including another book for me) and have a lazy afternoon/evening.

Today I went back to work/school at Great Marlow.  The teacher I have been replacing was back (although not for good), so I spent the day doing general cover – the most draining day of my teaching life so far.  I had Yr 9 maths, Yr 7 drama, Yr 7 history, and Yr 7 and 8 citizenship classes.  The most annoying part of the day was that I still don't know whether or not this job is going to be long-term or not.  The teacher I am replacing was there today, but still isn't telling the school what her plans are.  Anyway I left school at 3.20 and got a nice 'private' mercedes (that my supply coordinator from the school organised for me) to Slough to have my interview to get a National Insurance number.  The main reason for doing so is i now won't be taxed at the highest bracket ๐Ÿ™‚  yaaay to that.  After I had dealt with a company worse than Centrelink (which I never thought was possible) I walked to the train station, only to find that the next train to arrive was the 4pm train – a little scary considering it was now 5pm.  It wasn't expected to arrive for another half-hour, and then they announced that it was 20 minutes away.  So I spent an hour waiting for the train, which arrived full!!  I followed the crowd to the door nearest where I was standing, but quickly got stuck in the mess of people trying to get off the train, together with those trying to get on.  I made my way out of the crowd and the guy next to me took one look, gave me a friendly British smile, and we both started sprinting for the last door of the train, where noone else was headed.  We ran past several full doors, and finally jumped in on the second last carriage.  I have NEVER seen so many people on a train in my life!!  I actually feared for my life, while jumping in the doors.  I shouldn't have worried, coz another 5 people hopped on to what I thought was our overful carriage.

I finally made it home well after six, to find Adrian with dinner cooked, poured a large glass of OJ and sank into the dining room chair.  I've now caught up with emails, and hopefully with our blog.  I can't think of anything else I was going to say, so I'll leave it at that and head off to bed.  I'm working at Great Marlow tomorrow, Thursday and Friday ๐Ÿ™‚

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