New suit, new church and new gloves

So the weekend has proven to be quite productive.  After lugging the groceries back to the unit, we spent yesterday afternoon shopping in Slough.  We bought adrian a couple of long-sleeve t-shirts, a jumper, a tie and some trackpants from Tesco (which we've decided is like Target or Big W, but more groceries).  We then went to the shopping centre and bought him a lovely new Milan Collection brown suit, with a shirt and 2 different ties to match.  We also bought a funky belt that is black, and you can twist the buckle bit around so that you can wear the brown side.  There was a gorgeous pair of shoes that would go perfectly with the suit, but they didn't have Adrian's size, so we looked around but decided they were a good price, so they are ordering him a pair.  I bought a nice new beanie/hat and then we headed home.

This morning we went to the Methodist church in Maidenhead, for their second service at 10.30.  We met some lovely people, and the service was nice too.  We plan on going back next week, when apparently there should be some more young people going.  After morning tea and a chat with the locals, we headed to the pub for lunch, and then caught the train and tube to central London.  The first thing we did was find Hamleys to make a purchase on behalf of Verity (one of Katharine's bridesmaids) for her son Joshua.  We were thinking of doing the hop-on-and-off bus tour, but decided our money would be better spent doing that on a saturday as it is valid for 48 hours.  So instead we headed for the street with all the hiking/skiing type shops – The North Face, Mountain Sports etc – to find a pair of gloves like Katharine's coz I have to give hers back.  I really liked them coz they are fingerless gloves with a mitten bit that pulls over the top, so you can be nice and warm, and then still use your fingers easily without having to take your gloves off.  In the end, we found a pair for Adrian and I have decided that I would rather get a nice dressy pair that I can wear to work.  Then when we go skiing we will buy proper ski gloves.

With Adrian as happy as a kid with his new toy, we walked along the river, then across one of the many bridges, and went on the London Eye.  We decided it was the perfect day to do it, as it was beautiful blue skies, you could see for miles, and the sun was starting to set.  By the time our ride finished, and we were walking back over the bridge, the sun had nearly set and was creating beautiful colours with the old buildings and the river – just gorgeous.

From that point it took us 2.5 hours to get home, as part of the lines were closed.  We ended up getting 3 different tubes, a bus and a train.  Oh well, that's London transport on a weekend apparently.  Plus it was Sunday night, so we probably should have expected it. So Adrian is working from home tomorrow, and I am going to the bank (to verify our address) and then to do some shopping in Slough.  Finally, I can stop and look at all the pretty clothes 🙂

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