Weekend blogging

This week has been a great week.  I was at Great Marlow School Tues-Fri and had a great few days.  Most of the students there are quite good, and I enjoyed doing some actual teaching of content for some of the lessons.  Friday afternoon was interesting – I had a Grade 7 Maths class, who weren't so keen to do any work with there only being 1 hour till their holidays.  The other thing was that noone told me it was 'mufty' day – free dress day!!  So I wore my nice brown suit, and all the other teachers and students were in nice casual pants, some even in jeans!!  Oh well …. I am going there again on Monday week, when they get back from holidays, and will know by then whether or not I have a long-term position with them.  I would really like to work there, and the students and teachers want me to work there too.  The other business studies ladies are great and I get along with them really well, so I can see myself working there.  It's very different to schooling in Australia, but it's all part of the adventure 🙂

On Thursday (Valentine's Day), Adrian picked me up from school (must stop calling it that, and call it work) and we went to the O2 shop in Maidenhead to buy eachother an iPhone.  We then came home, put our roast dinner on, and started having fun playing with our new toys.  We didn't think the roast was going to work, so ordered a pizza to have with the veggies, but by the time it came, the roast was ready!!  We didn't eat till late, but we then had the pizza for lunch on friday.  Finally, ham and pineapple pizza!  

Adrian took the rental car back yesterday, so I caught the train home from work.  It was about 15min walk to the train station, then 25min on the train, then another 10min walk to the unit – not bad really.  Adrian is currently sitting on the other couch trying to think of something we can do this afternoon (after we get the groceries) that is accessible by train.  In terms of weather, we have had a couple of miserable days, but it didn't actually rain, just a lot colder than it has been and grey skies.  Today is beautiful blue skies, and 0 to 8 degrees.  

There is nothing much else to report that I can think of, so will leave it at that, and let you know what exciting things we find this afternoon.

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