On Saturday night we had the closest thing to Chicken Duets (one of our favourites) that we could find – chicken with broccoli and cheese, wrapped in filo pastry.  They were actually quite nice, so we joked that we would have that every Tuesday night to follow the chicken duet tradition :P 


Adrian got a call on Sunday morning from the hotel to let him know that some mail had arrived for us.  So while I had a shower and got ready, he went and picked it up, hoping that it would be something that we could use as proof of address to get mobile internet.  Unfortunately it wasn’t.  Considering it was another beautiful sunny day we went for a drive to Dover (about 2 hours SE of our place).  The main attraction there is the White Cliffs, which are the remnants of when nature formed the channel between France and England.  We walked for about 2 miles along the cliffs to the lighthouse – a gorgeous walk looking out into the never-ending blue of the ocean.  The weather has been quite mild – we managed to walk along right next to the water with just a jumper (and not even that on the way back once we’d got the heart rate going).  We can’t believe how lucky we’ve been with the weather – the locals (mainly the radio and TV) are saying that spring has come early.  This is great for us now, but we are probably in for a huge shock come next January.


We got home late afternoon, and read for a while before making dinner.  I then did some more reading while Adrian watched TV, and we went to bed early, thinking that I would be working today.  I got up just after 6, got completely ready (including make-up), made my lunch and then at 7am called the agencies to let them know I was free for work.  Then it was a waiting game to see if anything in West London (my area) came up … It didn’t, so I had the day off.  Adrian and I went into Reading to see what we could find in the way of printers, phones etc.  I discovered an awesome shopping centre for clothes, but no electrical.  We tried the mall, but again on luck.  We were on our way home when we came across a technical park, with Staples.  Staples is basically the UK equivalent of Office Works – it’s even laid out the same!  We bought a 4-in-1 printer (printer, scanner, copier, fax), paper for the printer, a keyboard for Adrian to use with his laptop, and a set of 2 cordless phones for home.  We went home, had lunch, set everything up, then headed down here to pub again for their free internet!


Tomorrow I am working at Great Marlow School, and today I was offered a possible job that would see me through to the end of this school year, which is the end of Jul – will of course keep you posted.

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