A night in the new unit, and a day at Windsor

Yesterday was the big move!  We went to the real estate in the morning to sign the lease, then met a guy at the unit who did the initial inspection report with us.  He gave us the keys, explained how they all worked, and we then went back to the hotel to pick up our suitcases (or should I say our lives).  By the time we'd done all that, we basically did a dump and run to lunch.  We had a quick lunch, discovered we still didn't have enough proof of address for mobile internet, and so went to do the groceries.  Luckily for us, the unit is fully furnished, and that includes things like cleaning products, bins, mop and bucket etc.  So we just had to focus on food – which was easier said than done.  We've bought things that we think look good, but will find out over the next week or so when we actually cook and eat them.  We also bought coathangers so that we could unpack.

I got most of the way through my suitcases before I ran out of coathangers, and realised I hadn't bought any skirt hangers either.  Adrian had long since finished unpacking his stuff, so I grabbed him and we went back to the shop – this time tried Tescos – to get more coathangers and soap for the bathrooms.  Tescos didn't sell coathangers (they are quite a small version of Tescos, Tesco Metro, especially when compared to Sainsburys), so we went across the path to a home and garden centre.

While I continued unpacking and hanging, Adrian cooked dinner – tortellini with Napoletana sauce – and we sat down together for our first home-cooked meal in our new home 🙂  Adrian had a glass of red wine and I had a watermelon-flavoured Bicardi Breezer.  We watched some crap on TV, then had ice cream for dessert (one of our first mistakes in trying to pick a good brand), watched some more crap TV, spoke to mum (Sandy) on the phone and went to bed.

When we woke up to beautiful blue skies this morning, we decided we should go for a drive somewhere.  Firstly, we went back to the hotel, checked for any mail, and checked out.  We then told our trusty GPS to take us to Windsor Castle, where we spent a couple of hours looking around while listening to the personal audio tour.  It is just gorgeous inside, and the rooms in the State Apartments were simply breath-taking.  The amount of detail in the furniture, and the number of original paintings and portraits was amazing.  For no extra cost, we could fill out a form that allows us to return as much as we like for the next year.  We intend to go back another couple of times, so that we can see everything properly.

After getting through the traffic in Windsor, we took the car back to the flat, grabbed the laptops and walked to one of the local pubs (The Bell).  We had lunch here and are currently taking advantage of their free Wi-Fi (wireless internet) since we don't have any at home.  Not sure what the rest of the day holds for us, but I'm sure we'll have fun.

For those who are interested here is our new address:

Fairway Flat 5
Shoppenhangers Rd
Berks SL6 2PZ
United Kingdom

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